delhi metro open exterior adsNEW DELHI: Much like Metro systems abroad, Delhi Metro is going to allow advertisements on the exterior of its trains.

“For the first time, the exterior of the trains will soon be available for advertisements. The corporation will be permitting train wraps for advertising,” said a Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) official. Till now, DMRC has allowed advertisements inside the trains and station premises.

The idea behind allowing these train wraps is to generate more revenue. “To augment non-operational revenues of DMRC through advertisements, the Delhi Metro has awarded exclusive advertising rights for displaying advertising materials, including pictures, printed material, electric and electronic media, smart posters, holographic images, visual displays etc on the external parts of its trains,” added the official.


At present, DMRC operates a fleet of over 200 train sets with over 60 eight-coach trains and over 80 six-coach trains. The train wraps shall be permitted on 10% of the total train sets available on the operational lines of the Metro network, said the official.

“The exclusive advertising rights have been given to two agencies, which shall be valid for 10 years. The selected agencies will give an annual licence fee,” added the Metro official. DMRC will monitor the advertising activity.


Source: TOI