After remaking every film in sight, how could television be spared?

The most interesting writing in America can currently be seen in TV, not the movies, and we’re all set to make our versions of their small-screen hits now.

Anil Kapoor’s ready with the second season of 24, his daughter Rhea Kapoor is producing an Indian version of Modern Family, and Namit Das will play Raymond in a desi take onEverybody Loves Raymond.

Here, then, is a list that is part wish-list, part damage control.

In the hope that if shows we love are brought to our screens with our actors, the right ones will be picked for the job.

More than faces resembling faces, I’ve tried to concentrate on the vibe the cast members bring.

Some of the names thrown up are outlandishly A-list for the idiot box, but hey, isn’t that what fantasy casting is all about?